About Us

For many years, automated machines have been available for cutting, drilling and edging rectangular panels.  Beamsaws, CNC machining centres, multi-borers and straight-line edgebanders have been developed to a high level.

However, when it comes to producing shaped panels with non linear edges and rounded corners, the options have been limited.  Between the entry level manually operated machines and the high-end CNC solutions, has been an enormous gap in the market.

Vector Systems Ltd was born of an idea that fits neatly into the market position with a unique solution.

The VECTOR Revolution 180 uses a simple but sophisticated means of sensing the shape of a panel and effectively writes it’s own programme as it progresses.

This is the Revolution principle.

Vector System Ltd is based in New Zealand and is able to draw on the considerable design and manufacturing expertise for which the country is renowned.  One need only look at the performance of the America’s cup yachting industry to see that New Zealand has a reputation for producing fine quality, world beating products with special innovation and design flair.